Saturday, July 01, 2006

Chatting at Lady Aibell's Grand Opening Chat Now and Happy 4th of July!!

Chatting now, and off and on until 5:00PM Central (that's 6PM Eastern) at Lady Aibell Press Grand Opening chat at . I decided when it comes out--not sure when right now--but give away download of Iridescent Invasion, my sexy scifi/horror romance. Going to have the answer here for those who come to the chat today here and at my new MySpace place: in the blog there. And please do check out MySpace site--see the wonderful dragon I have there for my background.
I'm going to talk about what I am reading now and plan to review for Romance Divas. It's a part of the Night Creatures books by Lori Handeland, the one not coming out until August 2006. That's Midnight Moon. So far, it's hot and though mnot about werewolves this time (my favorite supernatural monster), it's still a keeper like her other novels in the series. Gotta love those monsters! So when it comes out in August, buy it. And check out for the review at when it comes out there. I'll be sure to post here, at and my website when it does. I should have it completely read, the review wrote and sent by Sunday evening.
Anyone have plans for 4th of July? My Dh, Bill and I are just staying home, barbecuing on the grill and chilling out. I'll probably write a bit too. Got too many things to be written at this time. Anyway, what are you all doing on the 4th? Please let me know. :)

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terri said...

We will probally go to Point Mallard for the 4th. The have a big fair type blow out. Love your dragon. Congrats on your books and Lady's Grand Opening. Have a great holiday weekend.