Monday, July 03, 2006

Congratulations to Winner of My Lady Aibell Press Grand Opening Chat Contest

Congratulations goes out to Terri, the winner of my Lady Aibell Press grand opening chat contest that I held on July 1st on the Yahoo listgroup ( ). I had a question, "What ismy favorite supernatural monster?" and only those at the chat, who read the yahoo listgroup posting and checked out my blogs at and here at at , found the answer and sent She'll get a copy of it in pdf file as a download sent to her when the scifi/horror romance comes out. :D For the rest of you check out Lady Aibell press, where Iridescent Invasion can be gotten when it's out and where you can get my vamperotica, Crimson Promise now.

Coming soon from Lady Aibell Press: Iridescent Invasion--What do you do when aliens invade your planet? Why, fall in love, have hot sex with one of them and save the world! What else can a girl do?

Available Now from Lady Aibell Press: Crimsom Promise--a tale of two lonely people looking for love, sex and blood.

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