Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I Have Started New Blog Just For Sapphire Phelan Pen Name

I started a new blog, just for my Sapphire Phelan pen name. So from now on, if you like my erotic paranormal/scifi/fantasy that's the blog to check up on my releases out and coming out by Sapphire Phelan. For publications by Pamela K. Kinney it'll be here and I'll be continuing reviews of print books and ebooks here, even the erotic romance ones.
For Sapphire Phelan's Passion Corner go to Sapphire Phelan's Passion Corner
I set it up for anyone to answer the blogs there, even if you're not registered with Blogger. I posted a question there for all to answer, though you must be 18 and above to answer it and even check blog out as what can be and will be posted there will be adult in nature. The question: What kind of paranormal hero turns you on?
Please do answer--there's no restrictions on what you say, so let your hair down on this subject. :) So please go post your answers to my question there--let's start Sapphire Phelan's Passion Corner off with a bang.

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