Sunday, September 03, 2006

Excerpt from Soul Seduction and Now Can Preorder Forbidden Love Journal It Will Be In

Here is the cover for Forbidden Love: Bad Boys, coming out December 21, 2006. My erotic urban fantasy, "Soul Seduction" is included in the lineup. And you can preorder the first issue of the print journal now at . To access the Under the Moon side you will need to register. Once you're approved, yes, right now it's manual approval; you'll be able to see the UTM link on the upper left hand side. This is to help protect the publisher from 'oops, Johnny's 8- year-old clicked the adult link by mistake'This also helps keep their partners happy so though it takes a little longer to be able to buy the products you'll still be able to see and read about them on the main site. Preordering means you will get it sent to you seven days earlier then the rest of the world in December. And it will be for sale at too.

Here is a blurb and an excerpt from Soul Seduction:

Unrepentant, cursed by the Fairy Queen of the Seelie Court to be imprisoned alone, forever in a human city park for trifling with her daughter, Branigan Darkman finds a chance for companionship in one human, Alicia Turner.
Alicia has always felt compelled to come to the city park her father has taken her once to play in. At first she doesn't know why, then she meets Bran and by her blood taken by him her soul becomes his.


Ten years flew by; a drop in the bucket of a fey’s life. Endless throngs of people came to and left the park. Each day at noon and each night at midnight, I sent out my call to Alicia, trying to draw her back. But it seemed her soul was stronger than my magic.

Finally though, I had won. Our connection had proved stronger than her soul and force of will.

Alicia stood next to the fairy ring at midnight, her head sunk down between her shoulders in broken submission.

“I’m here, Bran.” A wealth of pain colored her voice.

I magicked myself from my place and appeared next to her. “Alicia.”

The light of the full moon lit up the area. I saw she had grown older, a few lines painting her face. Tiredness filled her eyes, fading them from the sparkle that I remembered. \

I sniffed the air about her. “You’re still pure, I see. Good.”

“I tried to give myself to several guys that I dated, but something wouldn’t let me.” She reached up with her hand and touched the side of my face. “It was you I kept seeing and I just couldn’t do it. You cursed me as much as that fairy queen cursed you to this park.”

I lifted her up into my arms and stepped into the circle. We vanished from human sight and entered my home. My prison.

Once inside, I loosened my hold and her body slid slowly to the ground against mine. I molded her against me, letting her feel the hardness between my thighs. With a click of my fingers, the room lit up with a million tiny lights that glittered like stars. I moved away and stalked over to an extra-large bed that dominated the room. I sat down on the edge and with a smile, gestured to Alicia.

“Join me.”

Her hands knotted together, she swept her eyes around the room, lighting momentarily on the armoire, the table with two chairs and the Roman bath.

I laughed, sounding bitter. “As you can see, I have all the amenities of home and comfort. Queen Anu did give me that, at least.”

I stood up and went over to Alicia, trying to draw her toward the bed. “Now, I have the companionship that I’ve been denied all these years.”

She stood in my arms and I bent my head, whispering into her ear. “Let me show you why they call me the Love Talker. Let’s talk about the sensuality of the flesh, mortal and immortal.” I kissed her. “Let’s talk about the eternal dance of passion. How I will relieve you of your innocence and show you such erotic things you can’t even begin to imagine.” I captured her mouth. Soft like velvet, I drank in her unique, sexy taste. I moaned.

It had been so long. . .

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