Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Review of Computer games by Tammy Lee

For twenty years Daria has been chatting in a chat room online about her relationship with her husband. Normally that's nothing unusual, except Michael is a vampire.

Michael's not happy about her chatting sometimes, but being stuck on a farm miles from anywhere, with only a cow for a pet and her computer chats for entertainment, he lets her. At first, being with Michael was wonderful and different, but after twenty years, being held captive away from all life begans to pale on her and she wants to escape. One day she finds a way, thanks to the chat room.

Tammy Lee is smart, making the reader think that's it's another romance story about an ordinary couple, the wife liking to go online to chats and talk about her hubby, when suddenly she slams it to you about the vampire part. In my opinion, it could have been a little more erotic then it was, still it's a pretty good little paranormal.

I give this story 4 1/2 DRAGONS.

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