Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Accepted Poem To Be Published, Another Story To Be Out and Monster Fest Photos

First, you can see the photo I have here and others from Monster Fest: Son of Monster Fest where I was a guest at Monster Fest: Son of Monster Fest .
I had an acceptance for a Halloween poem for Wild Child Publishing's Halloween Poetry contest. It will also be published by them October 25th. The poem is called "Costumed Scare".
Two erotic fantasies of mine that been accepted couple years ago for Beyond the Blackened Mirror: Tales of Dark Romance, "To Teach an Ancinet God" and "Shadow Lover" will finally see the light of day. Coyote Moon Publications mentions on their website that the anthology will come out sometime this month (October). Both those stories are by Pamela K. Kinney, though usually the erotic paranormals are by Sapphire Phelan, this was long before I did that other pen name I use.
Another horror story of mine, "Dangerous City", which has a werepanther and a werewolf in it, will be out soon. The editor just let me know that the magazine it'll be in, Werewolf Magazine Issue #5 is about to come out. Its prints and ships next week. It was on a delay with some of their other publications due to printing issues and some other stuff but its on the way and its their biggest issue of it yet--75 pages big! And my story leads off the fiction. The new issue can be found
Project and at the publisher's website:
Blood Moon Rising Magazine .
But since I have posted a blog on MySpace about supporting and buying from Shocklines, please order it from there.

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