Monday, October 16, 2006

Review of Slime After Slime by Mark McLaughlin

Slime After Slime by Mark McLaughlin is that kind of book that not only has terrifying horror, but blends in rib-tickling gross humor too. One moment you terrified out of your skin and then the next, you laughing your head off.

There are so many wonderful stories in this collection, but I’ll mention three of my favorites in it. Like “The Final Broadcast of Sugarville’s Channel 7 Action News”. Most of the time you watch the news for the weather and what’s going on out there, and most of the news people you watch are all right, but who doesn’t wish that something would come along and wipe off the toothy grins from those irritating few you just can’t stand? This story does it, delivering an alien invasion of the most gruesome, cold kind all the way to the very last line to some particularly irritating and clueless news reporters. Another enjoyable story, “Claws of the Internet Witches”, has witches using the Internet to curse mortals. It brings “toil, toil, boil and bubble” to the 21st century with a vengeance. The last story in the book, “Tell Your Secrets to the Slime” was a very poignant science fiction/horror tale. This story is my particular favorite of them all, and I think Mark’s best one in the whole collection.
The title tells it all, so if gross, icky things make you queasy, then this book is not for you. But I promise that you will enjoy it if you do pick it up. Hold on tight though, because Slime After Slime will take you on an amusement funhouse ride that’ll just tickled you scared silly.


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Mike Arnzen said...

Nice review! I love Mark's work. Definitely recommended!
-- Mike Arnzen,