Sunday, August 05, 2007

Hanover Book Festival

It was a nice day. Least I was indoors, away from 100 degree muggy heat that blazed outside the VFW building.
I arrived around 8:20AM and after parking my Toyota Corolla, carried in boxes of books and decorations for the table and promo items, both mine and from other authors into the place. Because I write romance, I was put in wioth the romance authors, even though I write many other genres. I checked in, found my table against the wall and set it all up. On one side was an author from Phaze and on the other side was author Erin Gorgon who as Pamela Fuller also is publisher of ShadowRose Publishing .
First, other authors walked around, stopping at tables, getting promo items and talking to other authors and publishers. At 10:00 AM the public was allowed in and it got busy until about 2:00PM. I managed to sell and sign some copies of Haunted Richmond, Virginia, a copy of my erotic SF romance novella, Iridescent Invasion on CD and a copy of Cthulhu Express anthology my story, "Azathoth is Here" is in. I also gave away bags of promo from other authors and me, plus other promo from me, especially business cards.
Author Erin Gordon wanted a copy of Forbidden Love: Bad Boys and I had donated it to the festival. It had been packaged with couple other erotic romance books and bottle of champagne for a silent bid auction and she won the basket! So I autogrpahed my story, "Soul Seduction" for her.
Next year though, I plan to get a whole table, not half. I have too many print and e-books, and it doesn't look to get any less over the next few months. LOL


Anonymous said...

You wrote << I have too many print and e-books, and it doesn't look to get any less over the next few months.>>

That's the way you want it. Congratulations!

Pamela K. Kinney said...

Thanks. :D Too true. I do.