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30 Days of Night Review, 20 Scariest Films, and My New Horror Story Out

It's that time of the year again. When all thoughts turn to ghostly tales and monsters hding in the shadows and was that a werewolf I heard howling at the moon last night? You suddenly get the urge to read a scary book or about the ghost stories in your region or watch some spooky films on DVD or at the local multiplex. Yes, we do all this the other eleven months of the year, but October just brings out the Halloween junkie in all of us.

Right now my ghost book, Haunted Richmond, Virginia is doing well. I just had a Halloween horror short story, "Give Me Something Good to Eat" come out in dark Cloud Ezine's October issue. You can download the pdf file at and read it and the rst of the zine for free. And SciFi Channel started its 13 Days of Halloween this past Friday. My husband and I went to see the vampire film, 30 Days of Night. This blog will be a review of that film and my recommendation of the scariest films to rent or buy on DVD. Just don't forget the popcorn and the soda, maybe even the pizza.

30 days of Night takes the premise of the vampire can only come out at night and take it to a whole new level with setting it during the thirty days of darkness in the Alaskan winter. Most of the town of Barrow can not abide the Dark, so they leave on the last day. One woman, a fire marshall, who had been sent there to fix something isn't so lucky, thanks to an accident , and the plane takes off, leaving her there for the next thirty days. She can not avoid her husband, the sheriff, who she is estranged from, and joins him and those left in town.

When a stranger comes to town and things like satellite phones are found burned in a hole and husky dogs slaughtered things appear as if the man is a lunatic. But as he sit in the jail cell he was locked up in, taunting about 'they' who are coming, it starts to get eerie to those who hear this. Then one by one people in the town began to be grabbed by something that is quick and have their throats torn out. The 'they' are here, and they'rew hungry and wanting only to bring pain to those who had remained in Barrow.

I won't go on but only to say, go see it. A perfect film for viewing at Halloween. The vamps in this are not your brooding, romantic hero, but the way they should be, inhuman and bad-ass terror.

I give this film 4 1/2 dragons.


1. The Haunting (1963)-forget the remake, see the original. And read the book it's based on by Shirley Jackson, The Haunting of Hill House.

2. Alien--in space no one will hear you scream--a haunted house that is actuallyn a spaceship.

3. Halloween--Didn't see the Rob Zombie version--the original is still the best in my opinion.

4. Dracula--Bela Lugosi version from the '30s.

5. Dog Soldiers--soldiers battling werwwolves in the wilds of Scotland--nothing better.

6. American Werewolf in London--this is such a classic.

7. Cat People (both versions of this shapeshift horror film--the second is very erotic and adult, so no kiddies should view this).

8. Psycho--Norman Bates takes lving a mother to new heights.

9. Ring--Japanese have been coming out with some creepy stuff.

10. Carrie

11. The Shining (one with Jack Nicholson in it, not the television version).

12. Rosemary's Baby

13. John Carpenter's The Thing--so much like the short story, "Who Goes There?" it is based on.

14. Evil Dead--Sam Raini begins to prove to us that he can do horror.

15. The Omen (not the remake, but the orginal one).

16. The Night of the Living Dead--no, never saw it or its sequels. But I know it would scare me to death.

17. The Innocents

18. The Blob (worse one for me: Kontiki the Immortal Monster--I hate alien blob movies).

19. Jeepers Creepers--not a serial killer as one would think at first, but a monster.

20. Salem's Lot (1979)--a darkly, frightening vampire film.

There's more I like, but I said twenty. Remember? For more ideas, check out:,,726267,00.html

And if want more than films, here is a link to Halloween games and more:

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