Monday, June 16, 2008

Ghost Hunting-Orbs in My Photos

Friday the 13th I went ghost hunting at the Poe Museum with other members of VASPER (Virginia Society of Paranormal Education and Research: ). At one point, by Poe's childhood bed in one building, I dared anyone to touch me as I held out my EVP (digital voice recorder). Suddenly, my hands grew freezing cold. Later in the last room my group did tour of, a loud sound came from upstairs. The guide said it sounded like something fell, but it sounded more like a door slamming to me. Nothing in my pictures, though I haven't checked my DVD I recorded on my camcorder yet. Though I thought I heard something strange on my EVP, but I am waiting for my CD of digital wave that I ordered from Aamzon to come so I can upload the whole EVP to computer. Want to hear the Cold Bluff Battlefield one from April as that is the one the weird and wild stuff happened, including loads of orbs on the pictures I took. You can see the ranger in picture with orbs around him. Second picture is large orb in room at Berkeley Plantation. And last one is of my front yard on Frdiay the 13th.
Though a hobby more to me, it is an interesting one that I enjoy doing.


Desirée Lee said...

Look at all the orbs! Wow!

I bet the spirits make things interesting around there!

Carpe Noctem,

Beth Trissel said...

This is really creepy stuff, Pam. And fascinating.

Gerri Bowen said...

Very cool, Pamela! I like stuff like this.

Kim Richards said...

Awesome Pam!! I was lucky enough to do a ghost tour in Massachusets last fall. I didn't get any orbs but my fiance nabbed some good ones. It's so much fun!