Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Autumn: Fairy Autumn Fete Poem

Autumn is here officially, as of today. I am so jazzed. So far it has been 70s to 80s and very cold in the mornings. Soon another week will pass, and October will be here. Yes, in october I will be busy with book signings, but that's all right. Just the thought of cooler weather, pumpkins on the front porches, and essence of Halloween everywhere just makes me happy. I am going to post my "Fairy Autumn Fete" poem here today, the one that was on another blog I guest blogged at earlier this month. Please read it, leave comments, and just enjoy it. It is copyrighted and may not be taken off here and posted elsewhere. Just post the link to my blog for friends and relatived to read it.

Fairy Autumn Fete


Pamela K. Kinney

Midnight came in a soft whisper,
Stars shining like iridescent candles
And below on the forest green,
The faeries came out of hiding, glittering like lights.

They danced, circling in a sensational array,
Wing tip to wing tip, scattered among leaf-speckled ground
Other denizens of Faerie appeared,
Lords and Ladies dressed in fashions of magic.

From the low bough of a tree, covered in red, gold and orange,
Pan played upon reed pipes
Music; seductive and full of good tidings,
All of Faerie danced in frenzy haste.

Bird songs filled the cold, crisp air,
Wings of many colors swirled in a cloud of feathers
Songs of joy melded with Faerie music,
Rising, swirling, tornado-like, to the full moon above.

The King and Queen of Faerie strutted,
Splendid finery of gold and purple
They sat upon thrones of sparkling jewels and holly,
Beautiful, and terrible at the same time.

Then everyone stopped and the hush grew deafening,
Eyes so inhuman and deadly wonderful
Watched the fingers of dawn paint the sky,
It shimmered; they shimmered, all aglow like Faerie dust
Then like spirits, they vanished.


Karen said...

Love the Poem! Thanks for sharing.


Pamela K. Kinney said...

You're welcome, Karen! :-D

Ray said...

You have a beautiful sense of poetry.
What a perfect introduction to the season.


Pamela K. Kinney said...

Thank you, Ray, for the compliment on my poem.