Sunday, September 21, 2008

Twisted Twins Daily Chills Calendar Not Coming Out December 2008

The Daily Chills Calendar will not be out December 2008 as what the editor sent the authors and poets:
Unfortunately The Twisted Twins Daily Chills Calendar has been dropped from it's contracted publishers schedule for this year. My only explanation for this is the one given to me; due to overbooking and fraudulent contracting, all books associated with the previous two marketing directors have been abandoned, 15 in total. That was Blu Phi'er Publishing.
The collection has moved to Crossing Chaos Enigmatic Ink where it will be re-edited, re-named, and then released (more appropriately) in mid 2009. My sincere apologies for the delay and any inconvenience. You will be notified early in 2009 in regards to the new title.
So whenI know more of the new title and when, I will post here, my

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Adam Lowe said...

Blu Phi'er have encountered a number of problems recently. They have a habit of sending mass emails, thus ignoring confidentiality, and issuing non-standard and unfavourable contracts. In these mass emails, which have been blogged about all over the web, they explain writers have to pay for their own underperforming novels. Thus Predators & Editors have labelled them a vanity publisher, or they did at my last check.

I'm glad the calendar is no longer with them, as I have a story in there too. Crossing Chaos will take much better care of the project.