Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tonight, Terry Brooks came back to Richmond, Virginia, this time to Fountain Bookstore downtown in Shockoe Slip. Thank you, Kelly, for getting him. Always a pleasure to hear Terry and he read from the book he was working on now that would be out in 2009. In this upcomign novel he is returning to the world of Landover (Magic Kingdom for Sale). After he finished, Kelly led him and his wide down another way while we all piled down another staircase downstairs to the bookstore. We got in line with our bought books and got them signed. I couldn't afford the new book (you can see the cover wirh this blog) but got the one before this: The Elves of Cintra since it was in paperback and i hadn't read this yet.I will try and check it out of the library to read it. Maybe for Christmas I can get a copy?

No, no photos. I forgot my trusty camera. But that's okay. It was a nice evening at Fountain Books and listening to Terry was good enough.

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Thanks for the post, Pam!