Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Something Bad, Something Good--Happy October 1st To Everybody

Well, I joined Curves new exercise program to work harder and when they took my blood pressure it was up. I have been dizzy the past month and thought like that one week back in January, but maybe not. I have never had high blood pressure (unless ill with bad flu or pnuemonia, but that was to be expected), so wil go to the doctor's. Not happy, as as my hubby takes blood pressure pills, but I hoped I would never have to, too. I know I have been anxious in my private life these days, worried alot. Wish me luck.And I will be at Monster Fest this Saturday, for those who will wonder. Only being stuck in a hospital would keep me away.I do have some good news--a local radio station contacted me to do an interview on October 14th at their station in Richmond. It's WRIR Richmond's Independent Station. Their website is

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