Thursday, January 08, 2009

Catch Me on Virginia This Morning 1/9 for Creatures and Crooks Books and Bling Thing

Since I'll be on Virginia This Morning ( ) tomorrow morning at 9-10AM Eastern promoting people to buy from Creatures and Crooks and for January 31st. If you're an author and have a signed book you like to donate, send an email to mystery author Jennifer Stanley at . If a reader, please stop by if in richmond, or give them at call at 804-340-0277 or toll-free (888) 533-5303
and order. Now to find something that does not make me look plump on TV.

Books & Bling:
Reader Rewards from Creatures ‘n Crooks
Come to buy books. Leave with an armload of treasure!
When: Saturday, January 31st from 1-4 p.m. Mingle with authors, eat sugar-laden treats, win incredible door prizes and buy books in support of the most charming book store in Richmond.
Where: Creatures ‘n Crooks –3156 West Cary Street. Cary Court Park & Shop Richmond, VA 23221 804-340-0277 or toll-free (888) 533-5303
Buy Books in January! Over 100 authors from across the country have contributed to the incredible reader reward prizes to be given away throughout the month of January. That’s right! Whenever you shop at Creatures ‘n Crooks, you have a chance to win a fabulous prize! Prizes will be given out each week and you’ll never know which reader will receive a reward! (This includes phone customers). Reward prizes include signed books from authors in the field of mystery, fantasy, horror, nonfiction, and children’s fiction.
Contributions include a vampire basket from Charlaine Harris, a character donation from Margaret Maron, gold and sapphire earrings from Denise Swanson, a Carolyn Hart basket, a culinary basket with goodies from Joanne Fluke, a historical mystery book prize including a vintage Tiffany necklace, a fantastic fantasy book crate with signed books by George R.R. Martin and much, much more.
Some of the authors attending the January 31st event are Katherine Neville, Donna Andrews, Pamela K. Kinney/Sapphire Phelan, Ellen Crosby, Maria Lima, Ellen Byerrum, Andy Straka, Joseph Guion, John Gilstrap, Austin S. Camacho, Maggie Stiefvater, Kristy Tallman, Dennis Danvers, Elizabeth Blue, Tee Morris, and J.B Stanley. We’ll all be there to shower you, the reader, with attention and prizes!
For a complete list of reader reward prizes see Creatures ‘n Crook’s website: or the organizer’s site:
Email questions to:
Preserve this independent bookstore! Call or stop in today! You could walk out with an armload of treasures!

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