Saturday, January 31, 2009

Today at Creatures and Crooks' Books and Bling Event

I went to the Books and Bling event at Creatures and Crooks Bookshoppe in Carytown and at first slow, by the end of the first half hour the place was jammed full of bodies of authors and readers. The weather outside may be bone chilling, but inside the warmth was more than from heaters.
People were enthusiastically communicating with us authors, plus other readers, especially if they ran into a friend not seen in a while. Others perused the bookshelves for books. Once they got an armload or just a couple, they trudged up to the counter where Lelia and Andrew took their money and bagged or boxed their books. Not long after the first of many giveaways began.When four o'clock rolled around and the event ended, authors and buyers began to leave.
It looked as if the bookstore did a brisk business that day. I hope it did well. With businesses failing and closing their doors more and more, Barnes and Noble even shaken, a great little bookstore like this where Lelia makes each and every person welcome, I do not want to see it go.

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