Thursday, January 22, 2009

Northern Haunts Anthology To be Available Very Soon!

Looks like Northern Haunts: 100 Terrifying Tales of New England fiction anthology that I have 'Pukwudgies: Little Monsters of New England" included in, will soon be shipping out. So if you haven't preordered this fine book from Shroud Publishing, remember the proceeds goes to the American cancer Society. A lot of authors submitted and only 100 tales made it into the books. You can preorder it either in trade paperback or hardcover at a sale price at .
Here is what the publisher has said about it coming out on Shroud Publishing's blog at :
NORTHERN HAUNTS! Whew! This guy clocked in at 366 pages! I am absolutely in love with this collection of homegrown ghost stories and campfire tales. It has been a joy putting it together. So, well... after MUCH delay, the trade paperback final proof has been reviewed and approved. I KNOW we were almost at this point before, but a power outage screwed up the whole process. But now, I am simply waiting on the printer to do its print run and ship them to me for distribution. In the next week or so I will have the hardcover ready for printing as well. I know you all have waited long for this, but given the fact that the profits of NH will go to the American Cancer Society, I wanted to make sure I out it together right. I really feel like it's a project we can be proud of. I also needed to change the dedication to honor two very special horror writers and friends of Shroud that passed way recently: Phil Kuhlman and Joe McGee. I miss these guys and Phil was the big inspiration for NH.

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