Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Ghost Book Contracted

Well, well, I went and did it again. I submitted to Dinah at Schiffer about doing another ghost book, this time about Williamsburg, Yorktown, James City County and Charles City County. With a lot of history in those area, from Native Americans (the Powhatans), Jamestowne, the Colonial area, Revolutionary War, Civil War, and more, I feel I will learn as much as those later reading my book will. Thanks to having done Haunted Virginia: Legends, Myths and True Tales, I have some information for hauntings, myths and legends in these areas. I already received emails from two parties with some ghostly tales, so hoping they will start this book off to a rolling start.
If anyone reading this blog has a ghost story they like to tell about set in the regions I will be writing about, contact me. Just go to the front page of My Website and scroll to the bottom of it until come to Send an Email. If you don't want your name in the book, let me know an d I will make sure you are interviewed or something. Or if you know of any haunted places in the area, do let me know too.
And now, a a story from Haunted Virginia: Legends, Myths and True Tales to wet your taste (something that will have to be in my next book--I have to get to that place!):

Creepy Bridge of Crafford Road—York County

There’s a bridge on a section of road where Tour Road crosses over Crafford Road that at night, weird things happen. The legend bandied about it is that African-Americans were hung at the location. They say that an African-American woman in a white dress is seen standing on the bridge at the edge and then falls from it to dissipate just before hitting the pavement.

But the strangest stories that are told about this area are about vehicles that seem to stop running as they approach the bridge. Then, the same vehicles start up again when they are pushed past the “haunted” spot. Not all cars need to be pushed, though. Some say that their car shifts into neutral and will roll uphill some distance. Afterwards, they check out their cars and find handprints all over the paint.

Next time when you decide to drive down Crafford Road and approach the bridge, beware. For your car’s engine may stop and someone may lend you a helping hand to push it—someone not of this world!

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