Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quick Review of Star Trek

Live long and prosper.
And it looks like Star Trek will once again. Wasn't sure how it would be--continuity problems I could see in the commercials and previews. But Abrams figured a cool way that made a die hard old fan like me agree with what he did. I won't go into it. That would be a spoiler and I am sure there are those who still did not see it yet.
There was one problem I did not agree with, but again a spoiler. Something to do with Spock and Uhura. What was up with that?
Anyway, Leonard Nimoy was in it as older Spock and he was not used as a walk-on role, butr really as a part of the plot. That pleased me. The one part where he mind melds with young Kirk took me back to the old show when he did it with Shatner's Kirk. So cool.
Despite the special effects, the relationships began. Personalities between the main three worked well. Urban's McCoy had me seeing Deforest Kelly again. And Scotty? I just loved him.
If you're wondering what movie to see this weekend, look no further. Check out Star Trek. I guarantee you will have a good time. And if can. catch it on IMAX before it no longer is shown on that. The experience will go up a notch.
I give Star Trek five dragons.

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