Monday, August 03, 2009

The Hanover Book Festival Past Saturday

On Saturday, August 1st, I was at the Fourth Annual Hanover Book Festival from 10AM to 2PM. My husband drove us to the VFW Building and we unloaded my books and stuff. He went to park the car while I decorated my table in spooky stuff. We had unearthed tombstones from our Halloween decorations and a cat head vase with black flowers, witch on broomstick and raven I had made several years ago. New stuff came from Dollar Tree and Ben Franklin. Those were the ghosts, the homemade Edgar Allan Poe tombstone, the skull used as a candy dish, bottle of ghostly goop, and the cool, scary black cat that had flashing red eyes. I covered the black tablecloth with fake spider webs and spread out my books among it all.
Next to my table was paranormal author Beth Brown, who also writes for Schiffer Publishing and just had her new book, Haunted Plantations of Virginia come out.I had a copy for her to sign and I can tell you so far it's a good book. You can see her in the photo I took of her at her table, her standard cup of coffee in hand.
I also took a picture of mystery author Robert Bailey with his hardboiled detective novels from the Art Hardin series. They are a good series. Noticed his T-shirt and what it says? LOL!
The other two photos are from another author's table--I had to get a picture of that tombstone and what it said. The other was some of the entertainment they had at the festival. It was a good day for me. I plan to be back next year for the fifth annual one!


carl brookins said...

looks like a fun time. hope you sold a bunch.

Pamela K. Kinney said...

Yep, did well. Thanks. :-D

Anonymous said...

Great pics pamela looks like a great time was had by all.

LLB said...

Aww, thanks so much for that great pic of Bob! We really appreciate it.

Once again I was not able to get there. I always have to work at Five Forks on the day of HBF. By the time I get out of there, the book fair is over.

Glad you had a good time and sold a lot of books!

Anonymous said...

I bet even if people are careful they may end up in Bailey's novels.

Luv the decorated tables. Noticed Ms. Brown had a raven perching on her Haunted Plantations book. Hee!