Monday, September 28, 2009

Books in the Park and Paranormal Virginia

Above is the photo of dark fiction author Jim Bernheimer (it was his camera), me on his left and SciFi/fantasy author Catherine Asaro at the Books in the Park. They were nice people to share tables with and chat with. I have copies of their books and plan to read them. Even reviewed them here on this blog. So stay tune.

Surprising the festival wasn't as busy as last year's, which was the event's first year. I could figure out why. Maybe the economy?

When Romantic suspense author Katheryn Mix and I got into Norfolk and parked her car at the garage we were told to go to, it began to rain. Until noon, it rained off and on, mainly in downpour. But right on cue, maybe couple minutes late, at Noon, the sun came out, blue skies showed and the clouds went from dark to white. By 4PM, it was definitely about 80 degrees.

By the time I got home, it was about 7PM. Traffic was congested and slow, even at a standstill sometimes, so it took longer than normal. I suspected many people took the opportunity of warm weather to go to the beach that day.

Outdoor signings now finished, from here on you will find me indoors. First one,
Get in the Know presents Paranormal Virginia will be this Thursday at the La Prade Library 9000 Hull Street Rd. Richmond, VA 23236-1304 (804) 276-7755, 10:30AM to Noon.

The event is free. I am also pretty sure you must be a senior citizen for this. Call the library for more details on it. I will have afterwards a book signing, so this will be a good tie to get copies of either Haunted Virginia: Legends, Myths and True Tales and Haunted Richmond, Virginia, or both. It will be either cash or checks since it will be me selling them.

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