Friday, September 11, 2009

My Birthday and Four Questions for Friday

Today is my birthday. Yes, I am a 9/11 baby, though being older than the 9/11 incident it was my birthday before that.
Today, I will start Four Questions for Friday on my blog. Unless I have something like a book signing to report (like I have one tomorrow 1-4PM at Creatures and Crooks BookShoppe
3156 West Cary Street Cary Court Park & Shop Richmond, VA 23221 804-340-0277 or toll-free 888-533-5303 Saturday. will do this.

1. Being my birthday, do you celebrate your birthday?

2. What was your most favorite gift that you received?

3. Which one was the worse?

4. Of all your birthdays, which year was the best one for you?

Now it's up to you readers to leave a comment and answer the questions. Let's make this something I feel I can do every Friday.


Rex Venom said...

Happy Birthday
1. I sort of celebrate my birthday. I mean, People say Happy Birthday and it makes me happy, and if I get some extra loving, then that is good too! haha

2. Favorite gift? Hmm. Of late, it was stuffed twenty sided dice to hang of the rear view mirror in my Jeep.

3. Can't think of a worse.

4. The first one. Wow. Everything was soooo new!

Fun fun

Rock on!

Krazikat said...

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Pamela! What a great questionnaire! Yes. I do celebrate my birthday. It's always great to be alive one more year. Mine is sandwiched between Thanksgiving and Christmas; I think I would have preferred a spring or summer date. My worst was 25; great party with friends but I was have a quarter-life crisis. Best was 50 when I left my desk job to launch a new career.

Pamela K. Kinney said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Was a nice day, spent with hubby.
Yeah, birthdays are super when you make a change like a new career, esp. later in life. Love that dice present.

Anonymous said...

Here I am, late as usual. Hope your birthday was stupendous.

1. My birthday is Christmas, so, one way or another, I celebrate it.

2. One year when we were broke my husband wrapped himself up as a gift. Though come to think of it, he was a Christmas gift. Best birthday gift: possibly a shawl I received in my teens. I had that thing for years until it finally got some holes in it.

3. My first husband told me he had a gift "on order" for me. I was so excited thinking what it could be. When it arrived, it turned out to be a steering wheel lock. So, really, it was a gift for him, for the car. Grrrr.

4. What with it being around the holidays, it's usually pretty good, but maybe my 40th birthday. My husband threw me a surprise birthday party, which he managed to keep a surprise, and a bunch of my friends were there. Of course, it was a bit before my actual birthday.