Friday, September 25, 2009


It's almost the end of September. Few more days and it'll be October. How time flies.Speaking of time, here's four questions for you to leave an answer in the comments.

1. Do you think time really flies or crawls?

2. If you could earn a whole day's time for yourself what would you do with it?

3. Being close to the end of the month, are you looking forward to October, or do you wish there were more days to September?

4. Do you think time travel can be possible?


Anonymous said...

I think time flies. I never find enough time to do everything I want to do. It doesn't make much difference to me if it's Sept. or Oct. Both are good months. I'd prefer to leave out Jan and Feb. due to the weather.
I think time travel is very possible and may have been experimented with already. Interesting. Maybe someday we'll use that for a "facelift"

thebellwitch said...

1) Honey it not only flies it's run by Chuck Yager
2) It'll never happen, baby so why dream
3) Ack, my nails are stuck in Sept. dragging me along. October is our hell month, Sept. must last longer!

4) While time travel might be possible I figure that the politiians will just screw it up