Thursday, February 18, 2010

Budget Cuts Are Affecting Our History!

The economy is affecting budget cuts from states, and even local counties. One of these is Chesterfield County here in Virginia. Places like Magnolia Grange and Castlewood (see photos) may be close by end of June 2010 and workers laid off. When places like these nare close to not only residents of the county, but to tourists too, how will our children get to see history outside of the history books in school? Places like these bring history to life. Suddenly, our past is no longer words from a boring school book.
Paranormal investigators go to many of these places, paying to do ghost hunts at them, but Chesterfield doesn't have anything like this. Only Magnolia Grange allowed the group I am with, Central Virginia Psychic Development and Paranormal Investigations to take a tour and investigate. We each gave donations, as it was nice of them to allow this.
To read more about this and maybe what you can do check out this article by a friend of mine at Like me, she is passionate abourt saving Chesterfield's historical sites.

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