Friday, February 05, 2010


Today's Four Questions Friday asks have you ever written anything? Leave your answers in the comments.

1. Have you ever written a story, a poem, or a book?

2. Have you ever published anything?

3. If not, would you like to write something, or do you feel you're just a reader and that's enough?

4. Nonfiction or fiction?


Leona Wisoker said...

I love your themed posts -- what a great idea! Here are my answers:
1. Yes, all three! (I keep the poems safely locked away to avoid harming the innocent, however.)
2. Yes, to my own amazement! Multiple short stories, and this April my first novel comes out in print through a small press.
3. n/a
4. Both; I write fiction by preference but have also done profile articles, interviews, and research pieces on topics such as the history of alcohol.

Anonymous said...

1. Yes. I have written stories, poems, and books.
2. Yes. I have had poems, articles and short stories published.
3. I'll probably always write because I like to do it.
4. I like writing fiction. I'll do that.

Crowbabe74 said...

1~ I've written stories and poems, and am writing a novel for publication.
2~ A few poems and short stories in local newspapers.
3~ I'm a writer who reads...Stephen King says if you don't have time to do the latter, you have no business doing former.
4~ Fiction, with willingness to take a stab at nonfiction for freelance jobs.

Phyllis said...

1)Yes, I've written some poetry
(a VERY long time ago ) and I'm pretending to be trying to write a story. I've got the world's worst
case of writer's block ( what an excuse )that has stopped me cold.
3)LOVE to read, am a wannabe writer
4)Non - fiction.