Thursday, March 11, 2010


Four Questions Friday is early as I am leaving for a paranormal conference and will not have Internet connection.Do leave your answers in the comments and I will approve Monday. :)

1. If you were to be locked all night in a haunted hotel or house alone, what three three would you want with you?

2. If you were to go where there were reputed sightings of UFOs, what three things would you take?

3. Have you ever wanted one piece of equipment for paranormal investigating? What is it?

4. What place would you love to investigate (can be anywhere in the world)?


Linda Andrews said...

1. Camera with infrared film, kerosene lamp so the ghosts couldn't drain the batteries and digital recorder

2. Movie camera, cell phone and bicycle so I can pedal quickly away when the other two stop working.

3. I would love to have an infrared camera.

4. Winchester Mystery House

Anonymous said...

1. My mind, sharp and alert
Camcorder with three packs of fresh batteries
A high quality digital camera
A sensitive digital thermometer

2. I hear that the most likely place to be abducted by UFOs is the remote mountain country of Peru and Venezuela, so I would go there and take magician James Randi with me so I would be safe. Everyone knows nothing paranommal or mysterious ever happens when he's around!

3. A top of the line 1400 dollar digital camera

4. The house that was on TV once that is a former doctor's office and is supposedly haunted by the little girl ghost that scratched a man's back.(The house was on eBay once -- is in the Midwest somewhere).