Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Very Paranormal Weekend at EPIC at the Cavalier on the Hill

I checked in Thursday, March 11th at the Cavalier on the Oceanfront as they hadn't got enough people to do Thursday night to open the Cavalier on the Hill. Of course, I stopped at the Boxwood Inn Bed and Breakfast on the way down, since this interview with the owner and the investigation at the same time would be in the ghost book I am currently working on. Since what happened there and the interview will be in the book, I won't go into what happened. No spoilers please! LOL

I got to the hotel around 3:00 p.m., checked in, and got some of my stuff up to my room on the second floor. Not long after, I decided to walk down the beach to find some place that was open to grab dinner. I ended up getting a gyro and cheese garlic bread at North Bend Pizza. Someone who worked there mentioned he had been a plumber at one time and had been in the Cavalier on the Hill to work on the pipes during off season. He had an experience, as it was empty at the time and he worked for a plumbing company at the time, telling me that he had heard children running through the halls and knocking on the doors. No children in the hotel as rooms are not rented until summer.

I ambled back to the hotel and my room. Ate my dinner and uploaded the pictures I took at Boxwood. Watched some TV. After a while, bored silly, I grabbed my camera and headed out the door. My destination was the Cavalier on the Hill across the street. I figured I would get some outdoor pictures of the place and the grounds before everyone arrived tomorrow. Besides the fact, the threat of rain for the weekend might make outdoor photos hard to get.

I did run into a paranormal investigator from Maryland taking photographs too. He and his wife had arrived a day early and were staying in the Oceanfront hotel, same as me. We parted, and I climbed up the hill to take photos. I walked around the whole hotel, snapping here and there. Lights were on, showing workers were inside the place. But most of the place was dark. I sense other eyes watching me from windows and on the grounds. And I am not talking about the human kind. But I trudged on, refusing to let fear in. After all, there'd not been any instances of anyone being hurt by the spirits that make the Cavalier home.

Done, I headed back to my room and uploaded the pictures. Studied them. Found a lot of blurring that shouldn't happen, but I suspected it was the supernatural that affected my camera (which did in many ways all weekend when I stayed there). Found an orb outside the front entrance in one. A weird white mass rising from a garden in another. Kind of an outline of what might be a person inside the pool room area that I noticed when I zoomed in close enough to the door that had the plaque, Fallout Shelter on the wall next to it. By the way, the fallout shelter is the room with the pool, one of the most haunted places in the hotel.

After watching Supernatural, I crawled into bed and went to sleep. Now you would think I had a good night's sleep, wouldn't you? The bed was comfortable and I woke without bed pains. But I kept waking up all night. Toward morning, I had what I thought was a dream at first. I was lying in the hotel bed and this African-American man appeared, standing over me. He sat down on the bed beside me. I woke up, sitting up with a gasp. it was five o'clock. I didn't go back to bed. Told myself it was a dream. Except I admitted to myself later that I never dreamed myself lying in a bed, especially that of a hotel I stayed at--it would have been the bed at home. A ghost? I learned later that this hotel was part of the land to the beach that was all part of the Cavalier on the Hill's grounds. That they even had someone have a heart attack and die there the first year it was open. Reasons for even the Oceanfront one to be haunted.

After breakfast, I found that the staff could get into the Cavalier on the Hill at 9:00 a.m. and I rushed to get my stuff back in the car and checked out. They said that the bill would be sent over there. I drove up to the driveway that led to the front of the hotel (where I got the orb) and parked in a space nearby. Then I strolled inside and gasped in amazement at the beautiful place. Stairs led up to the lobby. Statues and paintings decorated the area. I found Registration and learned that the Pocahontas Room was where the guests' tables would be. A bit later they let me take the first table by the doorway. When people entered, I would be the first table they would see. I set up what books I wanted on the table, the ceramic skull full of candy, plus flyers and business cards.

At noon, we were able to check into the hotel. I was first in line and got my key cards for Room 466. I took my luggage and other stuff up to the room by elevator. The fourth floor was quiet. I had two beds, but since no roommate, put most of the stuff on the bed by the door. I stuck my cokes and coffee creamer in the refrigerator and went back downstairs. Now the public were allowed in free from 1pm to 10pm on Friday. Some people didn't let the rain deterr them from attending.

At 6:00 p.m., they closed the room and I ran upstairs to grave a friend's book that just came out to be signed, but when I got back downstairs, the room was locked. The guests were to be taken out for dinner (which was the Jewish Mother), so I went back upstairs to my room to drop off the book and grab my jacket. Upon opening the door, I got a face full of fresh flowers odors. Like my room had bouquets of flowers everywhere.

I thanked whoever it was for the nice smell and left. When we got back from the restaurant, the fragrance was gone. I dressed in my pirate costume and went the ballroom where the party was to be held. Many people dressed in different costumes. I took pictures. Ten o'clock came way too soon and I tramped upstairs to undress and put back on street clothes to do some paranormal investigating with some others. Had a blast. But it drew close to 1pm and I felt it was time for bed. After all, Saturday would be a long day. I just slipped on my pajama top and turned around to my bed when I saw something red appeared and move on top of the covers by the foot of it. All right, I wasn't wearing contacts or my glasses, but dang it, I could see the movement. I picked it up and saw it was a red petal of a artificial rose. I remembered that the girls in room 366 had found a petal just like it in their room on the floor, even though all day they hadn't. I bolted out of the place and found them still downstairs. Now, theirs could have come from under one fo the beds (which they did find some beneath it the next day) as on Valentine's Day the staff admitted these petals were strewn all over the lobby and maybe some rooms due to some function they had. But when yours appears on top of the bed and is moving, well, I figured the ghost wanted to leave me one, same as the flower smell earlier.

I had a ghostly stalker. Later, I learned other women found other petals like this. No doubt one of the spirits had been a lady killer in life. But when you're sleeping alone in a room, you don't want to wake up to someone staring at you while sleeping or watching you in the shower. I felt someone touching my hair while I lay in bed until I said a prayer and asked it to go away for the night. I fell asleep finally but woke up a lot during the night.

At 6:00 a.m. the next morning, I woke up tired, took a quick shower, and got dressed. I went to my bookbag where I stored the rose petal, but couldn't find it. It was nowhere in the room! The ghost had taken it back. Got breakfast at the restaurant in the Cavalier Oceanfront across the street. Spent the day when the conference opened, selling and signing books and talking to the other guests. That night was the awards dinner. Afterwards, I trudged back to my room and got out my camcorder to do some filming. Then used my camera for a few shots. Knowing I needed to get more sleep as was driving home the next day and this was daylight time change, I went to bed at midnight. This time, I said my prayer and asked to be left alone. I slept through the night and woke up at 7am. Got all my stuff out to the car and checked out. Sold more books and gave my talk at 2:30-3:30pm, leaving not long afterwards. I got home by 5:45pm.

I like to say, I did enjoy my paranormal experiences for the most part and enjoyed meeting and making friends with Steven LaChance and his charming son (who inspired Sixth Sense), Al Chewning, and Mark Nesbitt. It was super talking to L. B. Taylor again. Seeing Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Listening to Belinda talk about Ferry Plantation. Meeting Lisa Foster Moss for the first time and knowing how sweet she was. How both she and Teddy Skyler had put on a great conference. They're planning 2011, so I heartily endorsed doing it. I also want to apologize. If the paragraphs are spread out, it's blogspot. *sigh*


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Hello. Thanks for posting the photos! Here are mine and I linked you in the images of you.


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I like to thank the Maryland Society of Ghost Hunters for my lovely MSGH shirt and angel wind chimes!