Friday, December 24, 2010


Four Questions Friday asks about your plans for this Christmas weekend. Merry Christmas!

1. Which day do you celebrate with family--Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

2. What is one tradition you do at Christmas only?

3. Do you plan to wake up early Christmas morning?

4. Are you going away or staying home for Christmas?


Anonymous said...

Nice use of red and green!

1. Welllll, my husband and I celebrate Christmas Eve because it's his birthday, but we get together with our "adopted" family Chritmas night. As for real family, we don't have a lot of it and see them whenever schedules can mesh.

2. Ummmm. Aside from the excessive decoration of the house? And senind out a mess of cards at one time? Oh, oh, I know! Driving around to look at Christmas lights in different neighborhoods.

3. Probably not this year.

4. Home. Pretty much always home for Christmas.


Unknown said...

1) Whichever we can all manage to get together; if we can't manage the actual holiday, we get together at the first opportunity.

2)Usually Christmas Day or as close to it as we can all manage.

3) Never, if I can help it ( which I usually can't ).

4) Going to sister - in - law's for Christmas which has become the tradition.