Friday, December 10, 2010


Four Questions Friday asks about your favorite Christmas songs.

1. What is your ultimate favorite song?

2. What is one Christmas song you hate and wish you never hear again?

3. What is one subject you never heard used in a Christmas song?

4. Where is the one place you wish they would not play Christmas songs?


Anonymous said...

An old Hanson song--
Here comes Santa Claus.
2. "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer." Lost permanently would be okay with me!
3.Sex-- other than "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus."
4. The grocery store.
Cheers, Kelly

Anonymous said...

1. What is your ultimate favorite song? my favorite is "Within the Moon of Wintertime"

2. What is one Christmas song you hate and wish you never hear again?
I hate, hate, HATE "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas"

3. What is one subject you never heard used in a Christmas song?
Pyro-necro-pedilo-bestiality; unless of course, I missed that one

4. Where is the one place you wish they would not play Christmas songs? Operating rooms

Theresa Bane

BrennaLyons said...

1. I never pick one favorite. I could give you my list of top ten.

In no certain order...

1) Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt
2) All I Want for Christmas is You from Love Actually...that kid ROCKS!
3) Sailing Home for Christmas by Doug Stone (tearjerker!)
4) An Evening in December by First Call and Friends
5) When Jesus Was a Tiny Baby by First Call and Friends
6) One Small Child by First Call and Friends (honestly...listen to the music from their CD Evening in December...we put it on every Christmas morning for a reason)
7) Christmas in Hollis by Run DMC
8) The Night Santa Went Crazy by Weird Al
9) (I'm going to get hate mail for this one!) Give the Jew Girl Toys by Sarah Silverman (OMG...I laugh every time I watch the video)
10) know...we'll stop at 9

2. This joke one I heard years ago with a lot of foul language in it. I don't have a problem with foul language you know, but the whole song was this bratty kid asking Santa where the &*^(%T bike he asked for is. I keep wanting to say, "You're on the naughty list, you little ^Y()&%."

3. Can't think of one... I've listened to a lot of Christmas songs, so I can come up with one for most subjects...even distasteful ones.

4. Doctor's offices, inside the exam or procedure rooms.

Unknown said...

1) Don't particularly have one

2) Can't think of one just now

3) Pedophilia ( And I'll throw UP
if I ever do !! )

4) Shopping malls ( especially at
the volume they use !! I DON'T
need the head - aches !!
And WHY do they start playing
them in OCTOBER !!??

Fiona McGier said...

1-White Christmas by the Platters...the song was in The Santa Claus, the original movie, and I had to own a copy after that! I also love "All I want for Christmas is You", by Mariah Carey.

2-Paul McCartney should lose his knighthood for that horrible abomination that he wrote "Simply Having a wonderful Christmas Time"...just writing that put it into my head again! ARGH!

3-I can't say sex, because I have some blues Christmas songs that are really racy! I don't think I've ever heard one mention homosexuality in any way.

4-Anywhere I work! I used to run a department in a drug store, and the same music loop repeated every couple of hours. It was enough to kill your enjoyment of even your favorite songs, after an 8-hour stretch of work where you heard it so much!

Anonymous said...

Hard to pick just one song, but a perennial favorite is "Do You Hear What I Hear?" Also grow fonder each year of all the various versions of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" (not strictly a Christmas song but played this time of year).

Speaking of not strictly Christmas songs, I don't hate either song but I always wonder why "My Favorite Things' and "Ave Maria" get played around Christmas so much. Unlike "Baby" mentioned above (or "Let It Snow"), which at least relate to the (potential) weather at this time of year, these stick out like sore thumbs. (Yes, "Things" mentions snowflakes and winter but also spring and other non-seasonal stuff. I'm also gunning for those singers who have decided to turn "Blue Christmas" into a dirge.

I don't, offhand at least, recall any outer space Christmas songs. (Perhaps "Santa's Sonic Sled," but that's a fictional song in a novel.)

I don't mind the Christmas music in the stores (after Thanksgiving), but I can see how the employees might get real tired of it. And I was at one of the UPS Store, and I don't know if it was a malfunciton or what, but the same song played over and over. That's pretty ghastly.