Friday, January 28, 2011


Four Questions Friday asks about what you do in winter time. This will be the last Four Questions Friday, as I will be changing it to Supernatural Friday,,and do articles on anything supernatural. So tune in next Friday, February 4th, to check out the first one.

1. What do you do during the winter you don't do any other time of the year?

2. Do you do things to keep your skin from being dried?

3. What is your most favorite winter time activity?

4. Are you looking forward to spring?


Debbie Painter said...

1. I don't do anything in winter that I would not do at any other time of year.

2. At bed time I put extra lotion on hands, legs and feet and place thin gloves such as the kind you can buy at drug stores on my hands.

3. My favorite winter time activity is being out doors on sunny days because there are no insects.

4. YES, I look forward to spring!!

Annabelle Ambrosio said...

1. Now that I live in Wmsbg. I don't do anything different in the winter except wear more clothes.
2. Sometimes I put lotion on my hands, feet and arms, mainly. Shea butter is great.
3.My favorite winter time activity was ice skating when I was younger and living in upstate N.Y. Not much is different now. I like to swim.
4. I do look forward to spring and warmer weather.

Unknown said...




4)To Spring yes; to Summer, no.
Summer is too hot and humid for

Fiona McGier said...

1-Wear way too many clothes! Even socks and shoes everyday, as opposed to doing my nails and wearing sandals.
2-Extra lotion on legs, elbows, feet and hands. Heavy-duty stuff on face.
3-Snuggling in front of a roaring fire with husband, on a furry throw.
4-OMG, yes! Buddy Guy has a new CD out, and all I can think of when I listen to it on my I-Pod is June brings Chicago's Bluesfest!

Anonymous said...

1. Wear sweaters and coats. Wear thicker socks. That's about it. We used to build a fire in the fireplace occeasionally but haven't done that in a few years.

2. I always moisturized after a shower (year-round), but in winter I also slather on a lot more hand cream. Foot cream, too, sometimes. I even have an essential oil that "warms" the feet.

3. Watching snow fall. It's still enough of a rarity around here for that to be a treat. Drinking hot chocolate is also a fave.

4. I'm kind of looking forward to spring. I enjoy that season, but I know it will too quickly be followed by summer. So I don't really want to rush the winter away. (It could be a little warmer, though.)

I want to thank you for these Four Question Fridays. They've been very enjoyable. I look forward to your articles.