Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Henricus Day of Remembrance-March 22, 1622

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I found out about today being the anniversary of March 22, 1622, when the Opechancanough Military Offensive killed over sixty people in Henrico and Coxendale. This included the Citie of Henricus, or Henrico island ( http://www.henricus.org).

I drove out to Henricus Historical Park, just in time for Staff and Site Ceremony at the Henricus gate. A wreath had been hung on the Henricus Gate. John Pagano, the Historical Interpretation Supervisor, dressed in Colonial garb, gave a reading and mentioned that five died at Henricus during this offensive by the Powhatans. These five people were Adkins, Weston, Philip Shatford, William Perigo and Owca Jones. Others that perished in the Henrico and Coxendale area were from Falling Creek Iron Works, Sheffield's Plantation , Pierce's Plantation, and College Lands. After John and four others fired off a musket in tribute to the five who died at Henricus, we had a moment of silence in memory, and then a reading of the fifty-five who died in the attackof Henrico and Coxendale. This was not just about the English colonists, but also the native Amercians that also were killed that day.
I would advised anyone who can or lives in the Richmond area or nearby, to visit henricus this week or next. even this weekend, and learn about this event in the lives of the colonists. Besides learning a bit of history, the place is beautiful and a great place to enjoy now that spring is here. You even might see a bald eagle flying overhead--I did today! Just check the website link for further information, directions, and prices for touring the park.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. A piece of (nearly) local history that I didn't know about. Probably won't get there any time soon, but I'll make a note of the Henricus Historical Park (which I also didn't know about).