Friday, March 04, 2011


Today is a poem in wrote. Enjoy it. But beware of monsters. . .


Mother said that monsters don't exist,

That they're the result of fast food or scary movies.

She lied!

And kept lying when the monster came that night

He instructed Daddy to change and attack,

To rip her throat out and tear out her heart.

She screamed at me,

"Run! Don't let the monsters catch you!"

But I didn't run.

Why would I?

The monster held out its clawed paw,

I took it, asking, "Can we play?"

He called me his dear child, the promised one,

Then he led me away as Daddy began to feast on Mother.

"I'll teach you all I know, how to do what I do," he remarked,

"Just as the one before me taught me."

And so among the fires and slaughter we went,

I skipped beside him, only stopping

To play catch with bodiless heads.

When we left near to morning

Neither of us looked back at the desolate town;

Inhuman wolves leaving for greener patures.
(Copyrighted to Pamela K. Kinney--please don't take this and post elsewhere. Just share the link so that all may )

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Janice Seagraves said...

All I got to say is one word--Yikes!

You've got quite the imagination.