Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Since I will be out of town for EPICon 2011 in Williamsburg, Virginia, I am posting my entry for thios Supwernatural Friday early. I hope to get online here and there, to approve comments, so do leave them. If not, I will on Sunday when home. Enjoy this little ditty I wrote.


Ghosts here, ghosts there,

Are apparitions everywhere?

Tall ones, small ones, even those that whisper in your ear

Dark shadows forming in corners,

Captured in your photographs.

Mist that shouldn't be there on starlit night,

Bright balls of light following you as you walk past train tracks

Then there's the face of someone in the window

Of that abandoned house you know.

No, it's not a homeless person,

But the spirit of a woman murdered there a hundred years ago!

What can you do but accept them,

After all, they're people too--

Well, sorta, kinda--just DEAD!

( Copyrighted to Pamela K. Kinney--don't take without permission the poem off here, but do share the link so all may come and read it--thank you!)


patty said...

That is an awesome photo where was it taken

Anonymous said...

...sorta, kinda, Just Dead


Enjoy the conference.


Debbie said...

The term ghost is so last century. I prefer the term Psychophore, which literally means "mind carrying", the vehicle that transports memories from this life to the next. Ian Stevenson coined the term. One day the term ghost may be considered insensitive and politically incorrect!!