Sunday, May 29, 2011

Starfleet Atlantic's SciFi Yard Sale Happened May 28, 2011!

As you can above from the photos, it was a great day--with friends, great food, and many sales. People came, checked out all the tables, and many bought items to take away with them. The day started out warm with some mugginess, cooled off, then clouds rolled in with a bit of rain only to leave the same way they arrived, and then we nasty muggy heat for a while. Finally the sauna left and we just got hot but not muggy weather to end the yard sale.

I sold some of my own books, plus some of the used things I brought. By 3PM, the sale done, we all packed up and most left. Bill and I stayed to talk a bit to Liz Albitz who had graciously allowed the sale to be held in her front yard, and also talk to friends, Bob, Mark and Richard. By 5PM, Bill and I climbed in our car and drove home.

If you live in Virginia and never been to this annual event, keep your eyes peeled next May for when it will happen. Where else can you find a free event where you can converse with fellow fans of science fiction, Star Trek, Star Wars, fantasy, horror and find some cool stuff?And if you are looking for a great little club and you're a Star trek fan, the club holds its next meeting June 11th at the Indian River Library 2320 Greenbrier Road, Chesapeake, Virginia, at 11 AM.

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