Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stop on Unfinished by Suzanne Gravelle Virtual Tour

Today author Suzanne Gravells is stopoing by on her blog tour to talk about her book, UNFINISHED.

When life overwhelms you and you cannot take one more moment of the chaos that is happening all around you… if it’s feasible grab your keys and take a drive.

We know that a change of scenery, favourite music, quiet streams or majestic mountain ranges have calming healing affects, even if it is only for the moment we are enjoying them.

We all have thoughts of running away but we know even if we do, we cannot get away from our selves, our thoughts travel with us. For me I wanted to be alone with my thoughts, to be able to think, start a thought and finish it without interruption or influence from those around me.

A drive out to the country is what most people can do and usually that is enough to blow some of the convoluted thoughts back into perspective but for me it had to be wider than that. I wanted space, wide open space and a drive out to the country was not going to be enough for me.

So I sold my home, resigned from my career, kissed my children and grandchildren good-bye, got into my truck and starting driving, I call it… my Self Imposed Exile.

60,000km and 17 months later I am still driving. Coast to Coast 3 times, North, South, where ever the wind blew me, I went there. Today I am still driving working on my 4th trip heading West.

We all have had terrible, devastating, heartbreaking moments and we feel as if we will never have a moment’s peace, nor do we think we will ever get over what happened to us, we wonder if life will ever be normal again, whatever normal is.

When a heartbreak ripped the structure of my world apart it brought me to my knees and I could not breathe or think, the only thing I wanted was to be alone and on the road. I did not want to subject my family and friends to what seemed like constant drama and sorrow. Professional therapy was suggested but I could not sit still so my therapists had to be compact. I had to be able to pop in a CD when I was driving or open a book when I was sitting still and this worked very well… for me.

During my self imposed exile, I was able to piece together why the heartbreak was just heavy enough to bring my life crashing to the floor. I came to understand it was not just the heartbreak, I had heartbreaks before, it was the 30 years of taking care of everyone but me and I was exhausted. But it was not until I started journaling my journey did I see how my mind started to calm down and I began to think clearer. As I read through my journal a very clear story had started to form and I had no choice but to share my remarkable journey that is still…Unfinished.

For more information about Unfinished by Suzanne Gravelle, visit and you can follow her journey on her BLOG

About Unfinished:

This is a true story of a woman who experienced such a profound awakening that she could no longer live the same way, the same life she was just one week before. She could no longer ignore the woman who was screaming to be set free from the ties that bind her to a life she no longer desired or recognized. The transformation to become the woman

she really wanted to be has propelled her upon the most remarkable self-discovery journey of her life. She sold her home, gave up her career, kissed her children, grandchildren and friend’s good bye, got into her vehicle and just drove away…ALONE. Where was she going? 30,000km later she finds herself in the most unlikely place to try to piece her life together, trying to make sense of the constant feeling of being UNFINISHED. To order your copy –

About Suzanne Gravelle:

Suzanne Gravelle is 49 Years old and has 3 children, 2 grandchildren who live in Nova Scotia. At the time this book goes to print she is single and homeless by choice, still travelling, seeking that place of comfort she will eventually call home.

She spent most of her life living in Nova Scotia but her formidable years aged 10-25, were spent living on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. She resigned as a Real Estate Agent in Nova Scotia, to embark upon this most incredible journey, driving, exploring Canada and writing this book. To read Suzanne’s extended bio, visit


Sooz said...

Hello Pamela,
Thank you for including my article in your blog. It is an exciting and scary time of life for me and so many other people. It is so nice to share our stories and read yours. Thank you again and I look forward to reading more of your posts!
Fondly...Suzanne Gravelle, author of UNFINISHED

Pamela K. Kinney said...

You're welcome, Suzanne. Sorry , none left a comment, but I can tell you my indicator for how many visits each day did have visits.