Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Listen To Me Acting in Star Wars: Rise Of Nobility

I not only directed this, but did the voice of Nordey Weems and a wild line or two back in 2003. Enjoy. if you enjoy Star Wars, you'll enjoy this.


Rise of Nobility is a story about Padme Amidala growing up. Padme wasn't always the stolid, non-emotional and self-assured queen that she was in The Phantom Menace. What Rise of Nobility tries to explain is why and how she becomes that way. Feelings of dissapointment, anger and regret cause her grow up much earlier than most. These events forge her into the queen that she will become.

Elizabeth Ascot as Padme Amidala
Evan Slaastad
as Anakin Skywalker
Kody Hencz
as Anolo
Susan Highsmith
as Cook
Lila Atherly
as Dene
Christopher Walker
as Guard
Armage Bedar
as Guard #1
Inari Icewalker
as Guard #2
Keith Abbott
as Jar Jar Binks
Bill Corning
as Mechanic
Shawn Johnston
as Narrator
Pamela K. Kinney
as Nordey Weems
Evan Grummell
as Pilot
Abe Dieckman
as Prince Veruna
Michael Smith
as Professor Sacul
Eric Grove
as Qui-Gon Jinn
John Reeves
as Raneely
Ted Alderman
as Redbeard
Corey Dell
as Reve
Linda Lyons
as Shmi Skywalker
Andy Matthews
as Student #1
Chris Matthews
as Student #2
Jeremy Caldwell
as Prince Xizor
Elizabeth Ascot, Armage Bedar, Shawn Johnston, Pamela K. Kinney, Adam Bertocci, Brian Bisetti as Wild Lines

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