Monday, April 20, 2009

Haunted Virginia Is Now at Schiffer!

I found this out when called to order some preorders and asked when in May exactly be out when she told me they came in today! So in 2 weeks copies can be in bookstores if they order. Let your bookstore by you know this. Only at Books A Million though, they can be ordered online only or if at bookstore, delivered to your home and not to store. Give it another week before you attempt to do so. The title: Haunted Virginia: Legends, Myths and True Tales. The ISBN is 978-0-7643-3281-4. It will also be at Schiffer's website for sale first before even in bookstores, so if want to, you can order it through Schiffer Publishing itself: Check back Friday or Monday, to see if this book is up there.

Back of book blurb:
Virginia is unique with haunting myths, legends, and yes, even true stories that may sound like legends.

Take a ghostly tour of this historic state to learn about the Bunnyman urban legend and what happens to mortals at his Bunnyman Bridge in Clifton at midnight on Halloween. Discover the myths that surround Edgar Allan Poe and other famous Virginians.

See why Natural Bridge is actually a haunted tourist attraction; and what makes the Great Dismal Swamp so creepy: Is it the ghosts or Bigfoot? Meet the Witch of Pungo in Virginia Beach.

Find out that Mothman and the Jersey Devil weren’t just seen in their own states, but actually visited Virginia at one time.

Read about witches, demons, monsters, ghosts, pirates, strange animals, and Civil War legends. Visit an amazing, frightening, and even intriguing Virginia that you never knew existed.

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