Monday, April 27, 2009

Ravencon 2009

It was hectic (when you're working as part of staff, it can be), but fun. Above is some pictures I did manage to take with my camera as I was busy to carry it around a lot. From stormtroopers (my husband) and clonetroopers (Cheralyn Lambert-upcoming Schiffer ghost book author)to other costumes, the costume contest Best in Show winner ( Lady Ozma and her gorgeous dress) to Harry Potter in 45 minutes and Stargate and Star Trek to, it was a good convention.
I won both of the art show pieces I did the minimum bid--one by the artist guest of honor--Draculmouse and a small dragon picture. The only other thing I bought was a pair of cat earrings that I love.
Besides me and my husband, Bill, was good friend and erotica author, Helen Madden, in our room at the Crown Plaza West Hotel in Richmond where the con was held for the fourth year. She even brought her devil horns and wore them with pride. And no, that was not her own child--she babysitted for a couple who worked in Luna-C who did Harry Potter in 45 Mintues. Though one wonders if she did not ply her devilish corruption on the child. LOL
I brought the few extra copies of my new book, Haunted Virginia: Legends, Myths and True Tales that I got and sold all at the con! Plus the copy I donated to the con's charity auction for the Poe Museum went well, too.
By Sunday, after two nights late into the night with parties and early mornings, both Bill and I were too dead dog tired for the Dead Dog Party at Friday's after the con closed. The two party poopers drove home, where we stopped at Ledo's and ate, then went home.


Unknown said...

Stomrtroopers seem to be in vogue. I attended a comic book convention over the weekend and the guys in white plastic were in abundance. In fact, Star Wars appears to have re-emerged from its periodic hiding place. I figure cons for June on will have an abundance of Trek costumes.

Looks like you enjoyed yourself.

Pamela K. Kinney said...

With the animated TV show, more so, though clonetroopers are the thing these days. The regular stormtrooper is my husband. I have a jedi costume and a tuskan one too, that I wore for bit on Saturday. Hubby and i have Starfleet uniforms too.

Helen said...

Thank you for putting up with me this weekend! I had a great time ;) Glad to hear your new book sold so well!

Unknown said...

How fun! I LOVE cons.

Pamela K. Kinney said...

Helen, you were no trouble. :-D
And yes, Kim, cons are fun!

Mimi Riser said...

Looks like a great con. Thanks for sharing the pics. I love living vicariously. ;-)