Friday, August 06, 2010


Today's Four Questions Fridays asks where do you get your books and eBooks.

1. Where do you buy your print books the most?

2. Where do you buy eBooks the most?

3. Have you ever went to a book festival or fair to meet authors and buy their books to get signed?

4. Have you ever tried convention or conferences to get your books and get them signed by the authors?


Jett said...

1) I used to buy books online from Amazon, now I go to a brick & mortar Barnes & Noble.

2) I use Kobo & B&N for eBooks. I have also used Smashwords. I'd say they're pretty evenly split.

3) I have never been to a book festival/fair.

4) I have been to conventions and had books signed by their authors. They happened to be friends of mine.

Sheri said...

1. I don't buy books that often anymore; I borrow from the library. If I buy, it's Borders with a coupon, or Amazon with free shipping.

2. I don't read eBooks. :-)

3. Yes.

4. Yes, I have been to Horrorfind, Necon, and a couple of WHCs. I'll be at Horrorfind next month.

Anonymous said...

I usually buy print books o-line. I've used Amazon the most but also Deep Discount and Overstock.

I was getting e-books from Fictionwise for a while, but now I seem to buy directly from e-publishers.

I've been wanting to go to Virginia's Festival of the Book for years but have never made it.

Definitely have gone to conventions and gotten books signed.


Phyllis said...

1) I buy my books anywhere I can find ( and afford ) the ones I want. My primary sources are Chapters, Seattle Mystery BookStore

2) I don't use E - books; don't know how.

3) Went to one but didn't find anything to buy. :(

4) Never had the opportunity to go to a book - con. :(

Anonymous said...

1. I buy from Amazon, and local Barnes and Noble usually.
2. I've bought from the epubs online.
3. I've never been to a book festival.
4. I've bought books at the NJ conference.