Monday, August 16, 2010

Investigation at Ferry Plantation

The photos come from the paranormal investigation at Ferry Plantation, Saturday, August 14th, 2010.
Besides the orbs (some really big), I captured pictures of shadows. One of these shadows was between Belinda Nash and a person filming her as she told about a couple of the women spirits that haunt the house. I had Belinda and the woman with the camcorder stand in their positions again, but they did not make a shadow between them and neither did any of us in the room.
I haven't had a chance to listen to my recordings yet, so can't say if gotten anything. But in one photo, Patty Ceran is the woman holding what is called a 'ghost box' and we were asking who was out by the tennis court and the tree slaves had been hung from. Someone named Creed was who was communicating with us. Whoever he was, he followed us into the house and communicated all night, especially by Patty's box and EMF meter. He was definitely not any of the named ghosts that Belinda knew of in the house.

At the end of the night, there were four of us in the gift shop upstairs and we'd had gotten the ghost boy, Eric, then a male voice came on, saying, "Get Out!" twice. After the second get out, my chair that I sat in by the register began to shake like a mini earthquake was happening. It freaked me out and yet no on else had anything happen to them, and I knew it wasn't them, for they were still. Was it the ghost who told us to get out, that shook my chair violently? Anyway, after that we did the room across the hall, then it was 5:05 a.m. and we went downstairs to pack up and go home.
Most of the night was quieter than it was last summer when I did the house with CVPIPR. But they had things going on Friday the 13th, with a seance and all, then 70 bikers invading the house on a Hampton Roads Haunted Homes tour. I figured they were tired of all the people, hence why so quiet and why we got that "Get out!" at the end of the investigation.


Miriam Newman said...

Very interesting. It's a lovely place, but I don't know if my nerves could take it!

Anthology Authors said...

Very cook, Pamela. There are three very distinct orbs. It will be interesting to find out if you did capture any sounds.

patty said...

It was really a lot of fun doing this investigation with you and the others. I will be updating it on my blog soon.

Pamela K. Kinney said...

And with you, Patty.