Friday, August 20, 2010


It's back and that is not a threat. Four Questions Friday asks about if you're ready for summer to be over.

1. Are you ready for fall to be here?

2. What is the one thing you hated most about this summer?

3. The one thing you'll miss about summer when it's done?

4. What fall activity are you looking forward to?


Phyllis said...

1)YES !!!! :)

2) The heat and humidity.

3)freedom from snow

4)Keeping cool.

Liz W. said...

I'm looking forward to Fall. I didn't like the killer heat this Summer. I will miss photographing the wildlife of Summer but I look forward to Ghost hunting and Metal detecting this Fall!

Writing4u said...

There are few variations in the weather where I now live (Miami Beach) so I look forward to every day for its uniqueness and try to find a way to use my creativity to make it matter. I see the ocean with its narrow beach from my window and it is the barameter of my soul. At this moment, there is a line of attentive cormerants standing at the interstice of land and sea waiting for the ocean to deliver their lunch. When I am on the beach, I can watch them all day as they run like exuberant 3 year olds to and from the tide, picking the tiny morsels of sustenance that the nurturing sea provides.

Hal Vaughan said...

I'm not ready for summer to end. I'm never ready for it to end. As a kid, from Kindergarten to 12th grade, I had to go to a prep school I hated and where I was made fun of even by some teachers and coaches. From 8th grade on we had to stay for athletics (which I wasn't great at) and had 2-3 hours of homework, so I had no free time for almost all the school year. While I love fall, I still feel stress when it's approaching, because I feel like someone's going to take all my free time to write and walk and ride my bike away from me.

There's nothing I hate about summer. I'm even okay with the 105 degree heat we had, but I will enjoy driving top-down in the fall air and feeling that extra snap in the air for a few weeks. But when that's over, I really miss not driving with the top down until mid-March or so.

Anonymous said...

1. I like the summer best and would like it to last longer.
2. The thing I hated most about summer was the intense heat.
3. I miss the outdoor swimming and generally good feeling of the season.
4. The changing of the colors on the leaves is great and I never get tired of looking at them. The vague possibility of going to NJ for the conference is something that I could look forward to, but probably won't go.

LLB said...

1.) Yep. I really am.

2.) I hated the heat, but worse than that was the horrible amount of WORK associated with summer. It's the busy season at work, plus it seems that every summer mentally ill family members decide to whale on each other, get thrown in the psych ward, etc. So it's good swimming weather, but I am too busy to do any.

3.) weather being warm enough to swim, and all the pretty flowers blooming.

4.) Work and family problems *settling down* for a change. Please, God!