Thursday, April 05, 2007

Interview With Shadow, Ravencon 2007's Gaming Director

Today's interview is with Jennifer Harmon, or Shadow, as she is known more as. She's the Gaming Director for Ravencon 2007. Come get to know Shadow.

Tell us about yourself. How long have you been in Fandom?

The first time I saw Thom Christopher play Hawk on Buck Rogers I was hooked. Who didn’t think that the Hawkman and his ladi were sexy? You know you wanted to tickle their feathers *smirk* ;)

Do you love literature? Who was the one author you were excited to meet and finally did over the years? Of the genres, science fiction, fantasy and horror, which one do you like to read or watch on film or TV the most, or do you like them all?

Yes. I worked in the Library when I was 15 years old and when I was putting up the books I would sit and read all the greats especially Mercedes Lackey. I literally held my breath through Magic’s Price. Yes.

Tell us why you decided to do RavenCon.

Because I really hate the stereotype of what people think that Gamers are. They think that gamers are guys (wrong!) that sit in a room all weekend (wrong!) and are not social (wrong!). Not to mention I had the pleasure of being introduced to LARP (Live Action Role Play) by the Con Chair of RavenCon so in a sense he helped with my corruption so now I can help with RavenCon’s ;)

Did last year's con prove everything you wanted it to, or did it exceed beyond your expectations?

Last year with Gaming was a learning year to establish RavenCon as an actual event - not just for the Gaming Section of RavenCon but the whole of the staff working together for the first time. I learned quite a bit last year and hope to continue learning and growing in such a way as to provide the best gaming opportunities that we possibly can.

Tell us why you were the best to be in charge of the gaming? Give us what you did over the years with gaming. What is the most exciting thing for you to do with gaming?

I am too busy killing zombies in a mall so lets make this short: *Because *a lot *LARP (woot!)

6. Where do you see RavenCon in the future, esp. with gaming?

RavenCon is making our Gaming Section for and about ~~The Gamers~~. Our Gaming Section is open 24 hours a day (woot woot) – and hopefully as we gain notoriety (*gryns*) we can offer up every style of gaming possible (look forward to future RavenCon -Frag Wars - I will pwn you!)

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