Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tragedy Shows How Life can be Short

The tragedy at Virginia Tech brings home to me how much we should value our friends and relatives, for life is short. It is always terrible to see lives with such promise and future cut short by someone who has problems and can't handle them. Instead of just one person, he wants to blame the world.

I write scary stuff, but this event shows that the world today is a lot more frightening than whatever I or any other author can dream up. After all, they say there's no limit to the imagination, right? But really, there is. I can't even begin to imagine the real terror in those people when that killer shot them or locked them in the room to blast at them all. I can't imagine how that killer thought or felt, not really. Hell, running accidently over a squirrel with my car alwayasc makes me feel terrible and guilty. I cried having to put my beloved dog to sleep.

So, go hug your best friend today, or bring a cup of fresh, hot coffee to a co-worker or call your grandma up. Life is short, and we should only gather closely those we know. And bring a little sweetmess and love into a scary world.

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