Sunday, April 08, 2007

Interview with Doris Manning, the Webmaster for Ravencon's Website

Meet and get to knew Doris Manning, Ravencon 2007's webmaster for the offical website:

1. Tell us about yourself.

How long have you been inFandom?I don't really consider myself as being "in Fandom". The first convention I ever went to was CastleCon 5 (July 1992) with a boyfriend that I had only known for a couple of months. At that convention, he introduced me to his friends who were already forming the foundations of two other conventions: Kaleidoscope and SheVaCon. I literally jumped out of the frying pan (figuring out what a convention was) and into the fire (being responsible actually running one).

2. Tell us why you decided or agreed to do Ravencon as Webmaster for the official website. What qualifications do you have that made you perfect for this?

I basically walked into Crystal Ritchie's (Ravencon Guest Liason) house for a regular Saturday night get-together and being asked if I wanted the job. Crystal knew that I was dependable and would make sure stuff went up on time. I work from home as a DatabaseAdministrator/Software Developer for a company just outside the DC Beltway so I'm always on the computer during the week.

3. Did last year's con proved everything you wanted it to do, or did it exceed expectations.

Having been involved with the ground floor start-up of two other conventions, I was very pleased with how well the first Ravencon ran. There were a few bumps but having a lot of convention veterans who know what they are doing really helped Ravencon out a lot. I really liked the people behind the scenes at Ravencon.

4. Where do you see Ravencon in the future?

I know Mike Pederson (Ravencon Chair) would like to see us be as big as DragonCon one day. I think I'll leave the dreaming to him...I'm just happy to be along for the ride for a while.

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