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Supernatural Friday: Alien Abductions and Cattle Mutilations

Aliens appear to be doing more than just flying through our air or landing. No, they’re abducting people and even doing cow mutilations. Horrors! 

I am sure abductions have been happening for centuries. Think about fairy stones and people disappearing in the circles, returning sometimes to admit to finding themselves in Faerie. Sounds familiar? People abducted by aliens, returned by the beings, the abductees telling of being in spaceships, operated on. And no matter where they were taken, whether driving, in their beds, at a festival, or what, the lost of time.

But I will talk about some famous abductions.

In 1961, an interracial couple by the names of Barney and Betty Hill were driving along a road in the evening during a short vacation. Because of Barney's ulcer problems, the two had embarked on a vacation into Canada. It was when they were returning home on September 19th, that Barney noticed a star acting erratic. It was 10:00 p.m. They were just north of North Woodstock, when Barney noticed that the star was moving in a very unusual manner. When they arrived at Indian Head, they stopped their car, and got out to have a better look. Using binoculars, Barney zoomed in what he thought was a star. This was no star! He could make out different colors of lights and see several rows of windows around a flying craft. The object moved closer, and now Barney could actually see people inside the ship. Was this strange flying object being piloted by humans?

The next thing the Hills recalled was being frightened by the unusual flying object, and the occupants inside of it. Barney scurried back to the car where Betty was waiting. They jumped into the car, and raced down the highway. Looking for the object, they found that it was now gone. As they drove on, they began to hear a beeping sound... once, then again. Although they had been driving only a couple of minutes, they were 35 miles down the road!

Betty and Barney finally arrived home safely. After seeing the UFO, the rest of their trip home had been uneventful. They were tired from their journey, and immediately went to bed. When Betty awoke the next day, she telephoned Janet, her sister, and told her about the strange object they had seen. Janet urged her to call Pease Air Force Base, and tell them what her and Barney had seen. After hearing Betty's report, Major Paul W. Henderson, told her: "The UFO was also confirmed by our radar."

They had been stopped on the road by aliens, and abducted by them too—becoming a famous case. They had lost two hours of time. Regressive hypnosis by Boston psychiatrist and neurologist Dr. Benjamin Simon played a major role in unveiling a dark secret of alien abduction and medical experimentation. During the intensive regression sessions, the Hills would describe their captors as "... bald-headed alien beings, about five foot tall, with grayish skin, pear shaped heads and slanting cat-like eyes." This description very much described what would become known as the "grays," now a standard description for the small beings with large heads, small mouths, and little or no ears, and hairless.

In South Ashburnham, Massachusetts on the night of January 25 1967, Betty Andreasson was working in her kitchen while her seven children, mother, and father were in the living room. All of a sudden, a bright red beam of light invaded the home. Betty rushed from the kitchen to her children, on edge from the phenomenon. Betty's father ran to look out of the kitchen window to see where the light came from. Amazement filled him at the sight five strange creatures heading toward their house in a hopping motion. He became shock as the creatures walked through the wooden door of the kitchen and entered the house. All of a sudden, the entire family was put into a type of trance. The five creatures wore a blue coverall with a wide belt. On their sleeves could be seen a logo of a bird. Three fingers were on their hands, and their feet were shod with boots. They did not actually walk, but floated as they moved along. Betty later would recall that she was not frightened by their presence, but instead, felt calm. In fact, one of them—one thought to maybe be the leader—communicated to her by telepathy.

Betty's mother and children were still in a state of suspended animation, while she was taken to the spacecraft. It rose in the air and joined a mother ship. She was subjected to a physical examination and then various tests by strange equipment. She was given one test which caused her pain, but resulted in being a religious awakening. She was gone for four hours.

As Patrolman Schirmer passed through the intersection of Highway 6 with Highway 63 on the outskirts of Ashland in 1967, he saw what appeared to be red lights on a large truck stopped a short way down Highway 63. He decided to turn around and check it out. He drove the short distance down 63 and stopped with his headlights shining on the object. According to Schirmer, the object was definitely not a truck. The red lights that he had seen were blinking through the oval portholes of a metallic, oval-shaped object.

Seven and a half years after the Betty and Barney Hill tale, Buff Ledge in Vermont would be visited by four UFOs doing revolutionary aerial maneuvers. Two counselors suffered missing time, and ultimately, sought professional help.

Fifteen different people see a large, silver UFO fly over a housing project in St. Tammany Parish, New Orleans, Louisiana in 1973. Only a scant 24 hours later, Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson would unwillingly take a journey twenty-four hours later after the sighting, thanks to strange creatures with claw-like hands abduct them. J. Allen Hynek investigates.

Author Whitley Strieber, author of horror fiction, The Wolfen (werewolves of a kind—I loved it) and The Hunger (vampires), was abducted by aliens from his isolated cabin in upstate New York he shared with his wife and son over the Christmas season of 1985. He encountered four kinds of aliens—one a little robot type, another was a short, stocky humanoid, the third type was very thin and frail with haunting black, slanted eyes, and the last had smaller, button-type eyes.. They preformed a number of medical procedures on him in the UFO they took him to. He wrote the book, Communion that had the entire story in it.

Strieber had activated his system at about 11:00 PM on December 26, and his family began to retire for the evening. A few hours later, he heard a strange sound, which woke him from sleep. Thinking that he might have a burglar who had set off the alarm system, he went to check it out. As he did, he was shocked to see a creature standing in his bedroom.

Before he knew it, Strieber was sitting in the woods that encircled his cabin. He was at a loss to explain what had happened, and how he had gotten from the bedroom to the woods. His memories were lost, and he eventually sought the help of Dr. Donald F. Klein. Klein would perform regressive hypnosis on Strieber in an attempt to recover the lost time.

One of the harrowing procedures Strieber went under was the insertion of a long needle directly into his brain. The aliens also inserted a tool into his rectum, and took a blood sample from his finger. Because many of the details of his alleged abduction were so bizarre, Dr. Klein diagnosed Strieber as having "temporal lobe epilepsy." One of the most common effects of the condition is the onset of hallucinations.

There are many more stories of people having these harrowing close encounters, the abductees not telling anyone, but a doctor and usually to be put under to account for lost time. Not just one or two, but entire families have been abducted.

Cow mutilations are another sign of the UFO beings. These mutilations are a phenomenon that has been plaguing cattle ranchers in the United States ever since the late 1960s. They have been recorded in all 50 states, but no one's ever been caught. The FBI concluded a report in 1979 stating that these strange animal deaths were attributable to mundane events such as predators and humans conducting cult activities. However, the report has never been accepted by the ranchers most affected by this enigma. Strange cattle deaths have not ceased and have actually picked up in frequency over the years. The signature descriptions of these deaths still persist: exsanguinations, no bodily fluid traces around the animal corpse; internal organs taken with surgical precision, etc.

Some in the UFO field of study have hypothesized that these strange mutilations are an ongoing program of radiation and/or infectious disease tracking. Though this theory seems a little far-fetched at face value, there exists plenty of circumstantial and tertiary support to seriously consider this explanation. Between 1957 and 1968, the US conducted a host of underground nuclear detonations. The sites included the states of Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico. The purpose for these tests ran the gamut from providing information for hardening silos and measuring the effects on layers of rock to producing gases for use in providing an energy resource. However, these tests produced effects that were not totally anticipated prior to their detonations. Some of the tests caused minor fault tremors and on at least one occasion, the energy produced by one series of tremors immediately following a test exceeded the energy of the detonation. But more importantly, large doses of radiation were released into the immediate environment. It is wondered about the possible effects that underground radiation would have on our underground water reserves. The Ogallala Aquifer is a vast underground deposit of fossil water that spans the central region of the United States. It has provided drinking water and water for crops for the last 200 years. Any appreciable radioactive poisoning would have severely deleterious effects upon the entire food chain in the area – not to mention the effects upon anything grown in the area and transported to other areas of the country. If a researcher bothers to track the dates of cattle mutilations and compare them to the nuclear testing dates performed by the US government, it becomes immediately obvious that there exists a correlation. Surprisingly, the increase in cattle mutilations in the late 60s and early 70s seems to follow an increase in the underground nuclear testing events.

Another possibility going hand in hand with the radiation testing argument is that cattle mutilations are part of an ongoing program to test for infectious diseases gaining ground alongside the suspicion that radiation testing has been occurring. Some may even argue that both of these types of testing have been occurring simultaneously. Infectious diseases in animals provide a constant concern for governments with the Mad Cow Disease and Bird Flu epidemics as two examples. Again, the rationale for testing animals for infectious diseases lies behind its effects upon humans that use these animals for a food source. There has been considerable research done to support this theory. Of particular note is the extensive and well-documented work compiled in the report forwarded by the National Institute for Discovery Science based in Las Vegas, Nevada. This report delineates the specific diseases present in our dairy and cattle herds as well as the effects that it could have on the population. The report further goes on to report how the same aspects common to animal mutilations serve to suggest that some type of covert governmental testing is ongoing.

Greatest threat to the food supply and the human population that depends on its source for nourishment may lie in the formation of prions (something that is used for werewolves in the novel, Red Moon I am reading now). A prion is an abnormally-shaped protein strand that plays havoc with the internal organs of the infected host. These prions may form as a result of of an animal being fed food tainted with a specific disease, or by feeding the animal the reconstituted remains of the same species. The broad category that describes these diseases is Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE), and this category includes Mad Cow Disease, Scrapie, and Kuru. All of these diseases form as a result of the formation of prions.
The practice of feeding reconstituted animal parts to animals is not new. Approximately 100,000 cattle die of unknown causes each year, and the carcasses of these animals is often used to produce a protein-rich feed to give to other animals that are used as a food supply to humans. It is estimated that approximately 10% of these animals may have died as a result of TSE and feeding this tainted food to other animals may have greatly accelerated the spread of the disease.
Two possible explanations come to mind of why would any government do a covert operation on cattle, both disturbing. The agencies conducting the tests may be monitoring the herds that they wish to target as well as the possible actions that may be taken to combat and react to the mutilations. The lights could be the lights on helicopters being used to ferry the animals to an undisclosed testing site. The presence of strange phenomena prowling the skies and territory of the affected areas could be part of a vast program of disinformation targeted at the affected populace with the intent of steering them away from any action that may cause the truth of these strange activities to be revealed. Ranchers and farmers have been puzzled by the US government doing nothing. Some ranchers have complained that the government has actively worked against the affected cattle owners in getting a viable explanation for their cattle deaths.  Interestingly enough, I discovered that the National Institute for Discovery Science that is based in Las Vegas, is investigating into current mutilations. They are the only scientific organization in the country that is seriously pursuing the mutilation mystery, to determine who or what is doing this.
What is the real truth? Government? Or Aliens? Whichever you choose, either one is frightening. And let’s not go into a sort of vampire creature: chupacabra.
Whatever is happening on either subject, they are both interesting. It will be fascinating to see what is really behind one or the other.


bloodwebauthor said...

Really enjoyed, but someday this might not be supernatural anymore.

bloodwebauthor said...

Great! I hope someday these things won't be supernatural.

Linda Lyons-Bailey (for GBM4cure) said...

Great article. Sad to say you are totally right about the prions. I can see the government covertly testing for radiation in the groundwater supply, because they would not want to alert the public and cause mass pandemonium. But in the case of diseases like BSE, all the USDA has to do is come in and inspect. They can shut places down if infectious disease is on the property. There is no need for secrecy in the cover of night. really is a threat on the order of radiation in the groundwater, and they don't want to cause massive widescale panic. Now THAT thought is truly frightening.

The other problem here is, if there is governmental stealing of carcasses, seems like they would just dispose of them wherever they took them to. Why leave a bloodless cow carcass with some organs missing for a farmer to find and touch off reports and articles like this? Seems like a government agency would be smarter than to do this, especially since cattle that are just missing would be blamed on wolves. And everybody knows how they love to shoot, trap, and poison wolves out west...


Pamela K. Kinney said...

I agree on some points, Linda. This is some conjectures some people have.I also like the alien theory myself. I can see another race checking out cattle just as they have done on humans, not much unlike we humans have done to primitive societies. But hopefully one day e will learn the truth. As Mulder used to say on X-Files: "The truth is out there."