Thursday, July 23, 2009

Get Beyond the Four Walls as eBook at's eBook Store

 now has an eBook store. And my chapbook of four fiction ghost stories, Beyond the Four Walls, is an eBook for sale on their site. You can find it at

Here is blurb of the collection:

Ghosts haunt more than houses and aren’t always bound by four walls as proven by the four stories in Beyond Four Walls. In “Spectre Dreams and Visitations”, Sherry buys an old book of ghost stories at a yard sale for some good reading and finds that it results in something far more than she can handle or even wants. And haunting proves to be a dusty business for one reporter staying the last night of a reputedly haunted movie theater before demolition in “Gray Dust.” “Hard Drive Haunting” reveals to a young woman that surfing the Internet can do even more terrifying damage to her life than a computer virus. And in the last ghostly tale, “Call in the Night”, Sandy finds that the call she’s been receiving each night is definitely more than a wrong number.

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