Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harry Potter--Why Do We Love Him?

Why do we continue to go to the Harry Potter films and still read the books, and even more so, fantasies these days?
Good question. I know why I do. I've always liked fantasies, since I read my first Narnia book as a child. Also there's something about Harry Potter, how a young boy whose parents are killed when he was a baby, lives with relatives who do not want him and yet, can not dump him off as then they would not look responsible, and more so, finds he is a wizard and must go off to this school to learn to do magic. Ah, the adventures he has and some great friends he makes. But yet, he's the Chosen One and because of that has a very nasty, evil sorcerer after him.
He draws us into his world, a world where we can forget about our troubles, the economy, and worries. It's a mini vacation we can all afford. Fantasy has a way of doing that. We want the hero to battle the villain and win. We want a happy ending for that book. Something that may be hard to do in our mundane world. The monsters in fantasies become depression, lack of money, and worries. We battle them as Harry does.
So next time you feel that the real world is collapsing around you, go check out a fantasy at the library or pop in a DVD of a fantasy movie. I guarantee you'll forget the mundane world for a while. Maybe be ready to take its dragon on.
Thank you, Harry Potter, and all other fantasy characters, for bringing us all the magic.

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