Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday in Virginia Beach

Yesterday, my husband, Bill and I went to Virginia Beach, not only to stop at some bookstores and places down there to leave promo flyers for Haunted Virginia: Legends, Myths and True Tales, but to spend a day at the beach. Yes, I got my feet wet in the Atlantic Ocean, but we also walked down Atlantic Avenue, checking out places along the way and having lunch in George's.
The day was very humid, making the heat even ore nastier. It felt good to stand in the waves, letting the cold water cool me down. Unfortunately, that didn't last long as we walked down the street. We bought bottles of ice cold water from one store and took swigs of it. When we got to Nightmare Mansion, a haunted house attraction, we crossed the street to head back down the other way. We stopped in at the Old Coast Guard Museum gift shop, but not the museum. The guide wasn't there yet to take people in and we had to leave. By the way, this place has the reputation of being haunted too.
The beach had an endless line of people and umbrellas along the sand, proving many people were at the beach. After we drove away from the parking garage we parked the car in, we stopped by the cavalier Hotel. There is a new version, but across the street is the original one, looking like the Stanley Hotel in The Shining by Stephen King, and like that famous other hotel, is haunted too. What is cool about this hotel, I'll be staying there in March 2010 as a guest for the paranormal conference, Eastern Paranormal Investigator's Co-Op Paranormal Conference. It will be held march 12, 13, and 14, 2010. If you're interested in EPICCON:
Anyway, it was a nice day, though we were both happy to get home in time to watch Dr. Who: Planet of the Dead in BBC America at 8PM. Dinner was Taco bell we brought home as both of us were too tuckered out to cook or grill.

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Anonymous said...

A few summers back I had a job canvassing hotels in Virginia Beach. (A pre-selected set, thank goodness, not all of them.) I can attest that just walking along Atlantic Avenue in July will wear you out. (There is, or was, a trolley, but that works best if you're going from Point A to Point B and not trying to stop at several places in between.)