Friday, October 01, 2010


It's Four Questions Friday and the first day of October, month of Halloween! The questions asks about your reading and viewing taste in scary things.

1. What is the one book that scared you so bad you had nightmares forn months?

2. What scary movie is still hard for you to watch even today?

3. What is the one book you plan to read for Halloween this month?

4. What five scary movies will you be seeing this month (movie theater or DVDs)?


Sheri said...

1. The Blair Witch Project movie scared the hell out of me, so I started reading books associated with the movie. The whole mythos gave me nightmares for a long time.

2. I can't watch The Exorcist by myself. It's even iffy watching it with someone.

3. I usually read stories in October Dreams around this time.

4. Night of the Living Dead, Devil, Paranormal Entity, Evil Dead, Halloween. And that's just a start!

Pamela K. Kinney said...

Thanks, Sheri. The Exorcist had the complete oppisite for me--ended up giving the novel to a friend at college in the 70s. LOL

Phyllis said...

1) Never happened. ( And I've read some DOOZIES !! )

2) Psycho

3) No book chosen

4) No movies chosen

Anonymous said...

It didn't give me nightmares, but I literally could not read The Shining if I was alone in the house. While no nightmares, lasting images to this day.

I didn't see "The Exorcist" until about ten years after its initial release.

Hmmm, I might try to find that copy of The Historian that I have here somewhere.

Mostly depends on how the TV and my schedules intersect, though I would like to see "Let Me In."