Friday, October 15, 2010


Four Questions Fridays asks about fear.

1. What scares you?

2. When you became afraid, what happens to you?

3. What is the scariest thing that ever happened to you?

4. Do you think being frightened is good for you?


Julie said...

1. The usual stuff spiders, snakes but the last few years I've added being in a crowd, falling down, fire, not being in control of what is happening to me plus way too many other things to list.

2. If I'm startled I jump and scream, truly scared I shake and can't breathe.

3. When I was seven a car left the road and ended up in our backyard, I was at the bottom of a little dune the car ended up just a couple of feet above my head.

4. Not in real life, now I love to watch scary movies and read scary books that's fun scary and I love it. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have acrophobia. I would also say I'm afraid of fire, but I think it's just an intense respect.

My heart rate speeds up, my skin prickles, and I freeze in place.

My car hydroplaned on the interstate in the rain. It spun around 180 degrees, and I ended up facing oncoming traffic. Fortunately, the car had also slid slightly over so I was between the main lanes and an off ramp. Oterhwise, I'm pretty sure I'd've been dead or at least seriously injured.

I guess it's like pain--a warning. It doesn't exactly feel good, but it keeps you on your toes.